Wigwam No More?

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

Hello and welcome back to all of our loyal readers. It is with heavy hearts that we announce some sad news for The Wigwam. As you all know, our seniors are graduating in two short months. All headed their separate ways, never to write for their columns in the school paper again. Yes, I know. Very sad. It’s bitter sweet as we start our new beginnings, but what of our readers?

After multiple twitter polls we asked you, avid readers and large fan base,  if it’s worth continuing the organization without our graduating seniors next year or if the club could survive without the seniors and their stellar writing. Many of you said no, and many of you said yes. Frankly we were caught in a sticky situation, guys.

We appreciate your feedback. The verdict is in, and unfortunately The Wigwam will be turned into a culinary class next year. The school just seems to value making cupcakes and pizza more than food for the soul. So we hope you enjoy getting flour all over the place and try not to burn down what once used to be a place of writing and burning “passion” for media and news.

Crying yet?

Lol . . . just kidding guys.

The Turnip can get really dark really quick but I figured I’d catch you before you became actually depressed.

We know our fan base is huge.

We know it’s the best news source in all of DFW.

We know our writers have skill unmatched by any.

We would never do you dirty like that.

The Wigwam will continue for years and years, and we are confident that our next year’s stories will exceed your expectations, giving you the very best school updates and fun reviews. Thanks for checking in, enjoy the rest of the seniors’ stories this year, and know that you have great things to look forward to next year. Peace out for now.


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