Thot Brigade Takes Over KHS

Thot Brigade Takes Over KHS

Ashlyn Dodson, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that thots are steadily rising in numbers at our school. What used to be a private, unseen group in society is now the third-most populous “type” of girl in high school (right behind basic white girls and tumblr girls). Thots have certainly made a name for themselves. But what exactly is a thot, and what can we learn from them?

While “thot” is technically an acronym for “that ho over there,” the word has become a noun and its meaning has changed into something much more objective. While thotism has historically carried a negative connotation, many in the community are speaking up against unwarranted stigmas.

“So many people give us a bad rep. But really, we’re just another organization like sports or band, and we do a lot more than people realize,” said Thot Brigade Secretary Kaitlin Johnson. What started as a small social group has turned into a full-fledged secret society with thousands of members. The often misunderstood organization has an official website, complete with mantra that reads: “Attract, Serve, Never Get Cold,” and they make a conscious effort to make that statement a reality.

The KHS chapter of the Thot Brigade meets every Tuesday from 4:00-4:15 p.m. in Mrs. McLaughlin’s room, and they do two weekends of community service every month. On April 28, the entire chapter dedicated a day to cleaning up Bear Creek Park, finishing the day with a combined total of 369 service hours. The group has gained major recognition for its impact in our school and in the community.

“For the first time, we’re getting our real message out to people, and we’ve had nothing but positive responses,”  said President Madison Phipps. So many girls joined our chapter this year, and we’re looking to open it up to boys in the coming years.”

The KHS chapter is approaching its third year of service and it shows no sign of stopping. While some will never understand how much the Thot Brigade does for our community, it is our civic duty to give credit where it’s due. So take time out of your day and thank a thot.


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