What to do When Your Friends are Gone Over Spring Break

What to do When Your Friends are Gone Over Spring Break

Lauren Lents and Katelyn Day

Spring break is fun…unless you aren’t going anywhere.

It can be depressing when all of your friends are off on vacation on the other side of the world, and you’re laying on your couch watching Netflix. Or even worse, when you go on Instagram and you see pictures of your friends eating pizza while in Italy, and you are ordering pizza from Domino’s.

But, if you’re looking to make yourself less depressed, here are some of the things you can do during spring break while your friends are away living their best lives on vacation in Europe.

My first suggestion would be to take up a new hobby. This past spring break, I was home and I was on my third season of Teen Wolf (after one day), and I had a random burst of inspiration (or hunger, but let’s go with inspiration). I decided to take up painting, because after all, Bob Ross IS a boss. I collected all my materials, and by materials I mean three tubes of dried up paint and a really disgusting looking paint brush and some canvas from my mom’s scrapbook room. I got about seven minutes into the video and I decided that maybe I should have taken up baking or something less artistic, because Bob Ross makes it look a lot easier than it actually is. On a more positive note, that was a whole 13 minutes I wasn’t in my bed watching Teen Wolf.

Another thing you could do is find a friend who owns a phone and force them to take fire pics of you in front of a random pink (or any colored) wall. This will be beneficial to you and your social media following as you MIGHT surpass 150 likes on your post and receive 16 comments and then reply to each of them individually so to your followers, it appears you got more than 16 comments on your post. But after posting said fire picture, you may earn yourself new followers, who request to follow you first and then unfollow you just to go on to FOLLOW THE OTHER FRIEND (no shade, this just happened to a friend of mine. It’s fine).

I hope this lists exceeds your expectations for the following spring break, just remember to be kind on the internet and follow everyone that follows you or you could get subtweeted in The Wigwam. Happy late spring break!!


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