The Mystery of March

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

McDonald’s. Everyone knows what it is. They are known for their Big Macs, Filet-o-Fish, chocolate shakes, their McCafé coffee drinks, and more. But what about the seasonal items they bring in, such as the Shamrock Shake for the month of March, which celebrates St. Patrick’s Day? Its bright green color entices customers to buy it and try it, but…what exactly is it?

When we think of green food, vegetables aside, we may think of lime Jell-O or mint Blizzards from Dairy Queen. They’re sweet and delicious, both perfect flavors to have in a dessert. But can anyone that has tried a Shamrock Shake clearly identify either of these flavors? I know I did not. So what is it supposed to be? What is it supposed to taste like?

The first time I tried it, ecstatic because I had never had it before, I did taste mint. But it was very subdued and went away for the most part with the next drink. I thought maybe it was supposed to be lime-flavored, and if I thought about it enough, it kind of did, albeit discreet.

But did anyone else notice that during the month of March, never did McDonald’s advertise (like they normally do) for the Shamrock Shake? I went inside for lunch one day, and, curious, asked if they had the shake. I also asked because I wanted one. Kind of a weird flavor, sure, but it tastes good in my opinion. But they said they didn’t have it.

Is this another conspiracy? Did the Shamrock Shake ever exist at all, or was it a ploy to prove to the government how gullible and habitual human beings are? Speculate this how you will.