Women’s Clothing

Womens Clothing

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

Being a woman, here is a list of all the great things I adore about women’s clothing, that make my life easier, and increase my likelihood of achieving female beauty standards.

Amazing Pocket Depth


These are perfect! Look how much you can fit in these things? Great for bringing everything you need on the go. Love my lady pockets.

Great Slogans

When you pick up a perfectly good shirt or jacket, you turn it around, and it says “I hate Mondays” on it. Or even better, a slogan about liking food, because you’re so quirky and #relatable.


Thin Material

I love being cold all the time; it’s so refreshing. Even better if it snags on something and tears, I get that distressed look. Or, if you run into the rare phenomenon of getting any liquid on your shirt, everyone can see through it.

Overly Complex

We don’t get normal clothes; no, it’s a puzzle, or a riddle. Where does this string/hole go? It will only take 500 years to get dressed. For example, this monstrosity: