How To Avoid The Flu Season


Taylor West, Staff Writer

With the flu season coming and seemingly never going, one must take the necessary precautions to avoid getting the flu.

Of course, nobody wants to say home on a weekday and miss all that school work, because who doesn’t want to wake up at 7:45 a.m. after staying up until 4 a.m., procrastinating all of your English and history homework.

If you want to know to dodge the sickness spreading around in our oh, so clean environment, here are five easy steps to avoid getting the flu.

  1. Never wash your hands — What better way to avoid sickness than by washing your hands with soap and mixing all those germs around? Washing your hands will only lead to higher chances of getting the flu. So, to make sure that you stay healthy and fresh; do not wash your hands with soap and water, but if you absolutely have to, only use soap, and no water.
  2. Always sneeze out into the open — Share the clean air with everyone else by openly sneezing into it. Never cover your mouth with your elbow like they teach you in kindergarten, they were only trying to trick you into thinking you were preventing the spread of the flu. Although, if you insist on covering your sneezes out into the open, one would suggest using your hands to do so.
  3. Hand sanitizer is your enemy — Killing germs that could lead to the flu? No way! You need those germs to help fight off the foreign ones, the ones that are actually the flu virus. Besides, even if you wanted to kill those nasty germs, hand sanitizer only kills like 99.9% of them; never forget about that last one percent.
  4. Encourage your friends who have or had the flu to come to school — You wouldn’t want that girl who sits next to you in chemistry, whose always violating rule #2 to miss all this work, right? And everyone knows that you don’t take good enough notes to share them with her when she claims she has the flu. Encourage her to come on into school! We all know how much attendance is necessary in one’s classes.
  5. And finally, if you have the dreaded flu, then do not follow the doctors orders — Only spending half their lives in college can’t mean they know what they’re talking about all the time. You’re sure anyone could go through medical school, and just how bad could the flu really be?