The Pain of Freedom

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Ah, the laid back life of a senior. It must be nice, right? Not one STAAR test, half days everyday if you get fourth and fifth periods off, or the ability to sleep in late if you want first period off. Right? Wrong.

I have fourth and fifth off everyday. My mom will kindly take me out to eat after school, and then…the void hits. I trudge inside, backpack hanging from my arm, the weight nearly unbearable. The clock reads 2:00 p.m., and dread washes over me as I finally make it to my room. My bed embraces me with cold, stiff arms, and I just lay, looking at the ceiling as if willing it to entertain me. This is it. This has become life. All I can do it sit and stare, and wait, and think.

Oh, they said, I bet getting two periods off everyday will be so nice. They were wrong, and now I pay for my ignorance every day. My mind, when it is not numb, is buzzing with retorts, telling me this was an awful, terrible idea. The excess of free time has begun to rot my brain; I can feel it.

The only change between long intervals of suffering is indeed school, which I enjoy until I am reminded of the painfully silent void that awaits me. My advice, kids: do not sign up to get fourth and fifth period off. You will pay for this mistake with your souls.