KHS Student Destroys Local Bookstore with Converse Shoe

Breaking News: A Wigwam Inside Scoop


Meleah York, Assistant Editor

Tragedy struck the beloved Barnes and Noble bookstore in Southlake on November 9 when a KHS student destroyed it with a mere Converse shoe.

“It seems that this student was going up the escalator and as they arrived at the top, their shoe was caught in the end grate of the escalator, causing it to shut down immediately,” the bookstore manager said.

Allegedly, the shoe mishap triggered some faulty wiring that caught on fire, causing the building itself to go up in flames, and as this was a bookstore after all, fire easily spread through the premises.

“It all happened so suddenly,” witness Charlene Butler said. “First I was reading about Ricardo’s fiery passion for his lover, then what do you know, the book itself was on fire! At first I thought it was Ricardo; my, does that hunk have a way with words. But I look and see the ripped up shoe. And immediately it clicked that it caused the fire. Of course.”

“I didn’t see much,” another victim said. “I just saw a black and white Converse shoe then a flame, so I started running.”

Thankfully, all customers in Barnes and Noble made it out of the building, and only three were victims of first-degree burns. When asked to give a comment, the person responsible for the Converse shoe shook their head and refused to weigh in on this issue, running away with a single untied shoe on their feet. Maybe that’s why it got caught in the escalator. They didn’t tie their shoes. What lesson did we learn today, kids? TIE YOUR SHOES.

This has been a Wigwam Inside Scoop. Until next time.