Why Turnip?


Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

This column was originally called “The Asparagus.” “The Asparagus” was created to serve the purpose for all the outcast and loser stories that had nowhere to go. That would be great if that was true of why this column existed. Unfortunately, ’’The Asparagus” or “The Turnip” serves the purpose of all the humor and excitement that bind our lives together. This column is also satirical. For all of you freaks out there, satirical means “containing, or using of satire.” I don’t know what satire means, but if you are dying to know you are welcome to look it up. Honestly, Keller High students always have a rant to announce and a smile to share. It’s what makes us freaks and losers on the other side of the tracks. We are as ordinary as it gets. The students that attend Keller High School create bonds that cannot be broken. We go above and beyond. We strive for excellence and do not stop until we have reached our goal! We work hard every single day to do better and be the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. We are Keller! A national school of excellence.