2017: Living in the End Times


Ashlyn Dodson, Staff Writer

Recent news has been filled with nothing but tragedy after tragedy. Natural disasters and political unrest dominate headlines, steadily increasing in frequency and magnitude. The majority blame mere theories such as global warming and ill-addressed civil issues, but a select few have identified the actual problem: The world is ending. Mother Nature is about to pull a Miss Kiesha of epic proportions.

The doomsday theory has been rapidly gaining support. Some religious followers have cited scriptures and holy works on the Rapture in response to recent events. Social media has only perpetuated discussions of the end, giving anyone who wants to voice their opinion a platform.

Even if the end of the world doesn’t kill us, artificial intelligence (A.I.) will probably have the human race on their hit list. A.I., while still mostly considered the delusions of sci-fi fanatics, could soon be a reality. And when we eventually create something more intelligent than humans, we create a mass-killing machine. Consider this: Hitler, a mere man, managed to amass an army that killed six million Jewish people. What could a machine a thousand times smarter than any human do?

Unfortunately, this article may not even be out long enough for everyone to know that the end is near. A new end-of-the-world date, October 15, has been popularized by David Meade, who also claimed the world would end on September 23. A “Christian numerologist,” Meade claims that according to biblical research, we’re all doomed.

Despite all of this hard, factual evidence, we must still consider that the world may not end. After all, the last apocalyptic scare on September 23 of this year turned out to be a hoax, as did the one in 2012, and 2011, and 1999… But this time is different. Probably. So loosen your morals and max out your credit card; you won’t be in debt for too long.