Things To Do During Summer When You Have No Friends

Things To Do During Summer When You Have No Friends

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

Okay, so nobody wants to admit that they have no friends, but sometimes there is just no one to hang out with. They’re off on some fancy vacation or out partying with people you know they’ve only talked to once in their life, but they still went with them anyway, because a party is a party. So you’re stuck at home, and you really, REALLY don’t want to clean your room. At this point all you want to do is avoid every single one of your responsibilities. In the spirit of procrastination, here are a few ways to entertain yourself:

Firstly, you can find a new Netflix series. I know it seems impossible, and it is.

If you become desperate, there is always Twitter. You don’t have to ACTUALLY be friends with everyone on Twitter, so I’m sure someone will help you out. And if you don’t have a lot of followers, just tweet something about chicken nuggets and BOOM, instant popularity.

Once you find a good show or movie, just keep watching it, even if it feels unacceptable to watch that much TV. It’s not, and it never will be. After you have watched every episode of every season, you’re probably gonna be hungry.

Walk or slide on the floor or do you whatever you can to get over to your kitchen. I’m sure your legs are asleep from all that TV. Anyway, get yourself to the kitchen.

This brings us to the second thing: bake something or create something or make a sandwich or something. You may not be good at anything food related except eating, but, hey, you gotta have something to eat. It may be a struggle to figure out what to eat, but I have news for you: you don’t have to choose; just eat it all.

Now that you have eaten your entire pantry, you may want to go outside and exercise or walk or just sit on the ground, but OUTSIDE, so it’s okay. Anyway, you can kick a soccer ball up against your fence until your parents yell at you or you can play catch with a sibling you forgot you had until now because you’ve been in your room the entire time. The point is: nature is pretty cool sometimes, and on the off chance it is, you might as well go outside and enjoy it.

I know this is a short list, but let’s be honest, it’s gonna take a while to complete all three things, and your friends can’t be busy everyday.