Sandra Decaigny , Staff Writer

There is an epidemic sweeping through Keller High right now.

Patient Zero was diagnosed as early as the first bell on the first day of school. Throughout the year this plaque has been contaminating the upper classmen one by one, until now it has reached epidemic level proportions.

This disease renders everyone useless, agitated, bored, easily distracted. What kind of monster disease is this? It is senioritis.

That is right, Keller High, senioritis is at an all time high these last six weeks. It’s described as a flu you can treat with a pill, a hole that can only be filled by graduation. 

Some seniors have a feeling of pure boredom. Some have given up coming to school, and just stay home in their PJs. Others are making these last days count by decaying out in the most trendiest pieces.

This disease is so contagious for the seniors the symptoms are trickling down into the junior class. Tests are not being study for, classes are being skipped, ranking are dropping.

“Will this ever end?” is the question plaguing the administration’s mind. As the clock ticks, the epidemic gets stronger, and until the last ding is rung throughout the school the illness will keep spreading. The only antibiotic for this plaque is summer!