Goodbye, Sweet KHS


Dear Keller High School,

Since we’ll be graduating this month, we decided to tell you our true feelings, and how much we’ll miss you. You have so many charming qualities; we just want you to know how much you mean to us.

The first thing we will miss is your drastically fluctuating temperatures. From the sands of the desert to the icy cold arctic, Keller High School has given us a glimpse into all world climates. You outlawed blankets for a year; we almost died of hypothermia, but we forgive you because we can’t afford a real trip to Antarctica.

As a food connoisseur, we have always appreciated fine dining. KHS has offered some of the most diverse and high quality meals we have ever eaten. From mystery meat shaped into rings or smothered in pasta, to mystery meat put on hamburger buns, the selection has been exquisite. Wd enjoyed pairing these meals with a bag of air, which on a good day gives a bonus of six tortilla chips. Maybe.

Now if you’re wanting food and a show, KHS has the best selection of sports to watch! Not only can you get a hot dog at the football stadium, but a corn dog, too. Don’t bother showing up to any other activities because KHS really excels in football. We will miss the crowded stands, diving crickets and the wide range of idiots next to us.

Lastly, we always are thrilled to enter and exit the parking lots. Not only do we have more than enough spaces for everyone, we also have excellent and courteous drivers. We begin the day almost being flattened by a jacked up truck with a “Come and take it” flag in the bed. We always enjoy this near death adrenaline rush. Then, when we think we’re safe and ready to go home, we are nearly backed into, t-boned, and guilty of vehicular manslaughter in just 30 seconds. We love starting and ending the day in the KHS parking lot.

All these wonderful attributes of Keller High School are what makes it so EXCELLENT. We are very proud to be Indians and be able to call ourselves Keller alumni. If we’re lucky, our children will be blessed with the same traditions, customs, teachers… food, and fun experiences that we got!


Mackenzie & Haley