Things You Should Have Done Over Spring Break


Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

Yes, spring break is over. While some were whisked away to some tropical island you’ve never heard of or climbed the top of Mount-Who-Cares, you were sitting at home, in your bed, wrapped in blankets, wearing your pajamas. Your mom probably told you to clean your room or to wash the dishes or to do something else, but you were busy, scrolling through Twitter looking at all of the pictures of people climbing Mount-Who-Cares or lounging on Never-Heard-Of-It-Island. There was probably one day, out of seven, yes, one day that you woke up and said, “I’m gonna be productive.” The thought probably died quickly because there was new episode of some show that you could fit into your “busy” schedule. After that, it turned it to one season. So, for that little flicker of productivity, here are a few things you could have done.

  • Get into photography and out of your room. Go outside or at least go outside your room. While everyone else is taking destination pictures, you can take pictures of everyday things or places and make everyone on vacation wish they were home, or at least hadn’t left on the first day.
  • Go to the park. I know, I know, more outside. Bring that one friend that you can have fun with doing anything. If they’re gone, pick the second friend. If they’re gone, bring a pet. If you don’t have a pet, find a rock; I hear they’re good listeners. Nevertheless, go to the park. Walk around, do something, connect with nature. If you don’t like nature, then just move all of your pillows and blankets outside in front of your house and set up Netflix out there.
  • Get a new hobby, whether it’s kite-flying or origami; find something new to do. And if you’re not good at it, just collect pet rocks or something. Everybody has that one thing they’re partially interested in, and you’ll have some free time to spend on it. So that way, if you’re bad at it, no one will know.

Well, there you go, a list of things you probably should have done over spring break, but you didn’t. Just save them for next year.