Prom Dress Smackdown

Prom Dress Smackdown

Dear Senior Girls,

Hi. Um. I was just looking at the prom dress Instagram, judging others with my friends, and I came across…a blatant copier.

Actually, at least 34 of them.

Several people have a dress that is the exact same length as mine. I don’t know who y’all think you are, but I spent lots of money on my dress and I don’t appreciate it being so unabashedly ripped off. Please shorten or lengthen your dress, sweeties!

Also, I realize that other people have also bought blue dresses. As someone whose dress is, in fact, blue, I have a few issues with this. Listen up, hunnies: if your dress is blue, you need to reevaluate your life, and also you are a horrible person who literally hates orphans and babies. How dare you.

And another thing. My dress has some bling on the top, and I just saw not one, not two, but three other dresses that also have bling. I don’t know where you people find the unmitigated gall to rip me off that much (especially if you dress meets one of the previous two qualifications).

Please find some originality, sweethearts!!! If we walk in with similar dresses, I think we might actually be tarred and feathered by an angry mob.


Mackenzie Tomlinson and Haley Goodman