Best of 2016 Playlist

Best of 2016 Playlist

Kate Romano, Staff Writer

“Sweatshirt” – Jacob Sartorius          

This song immediately blew away millions of listeners worldwide, leaving jaws dropped at his poetic rhymes and award winning voice. The lyrics flow beautifully and convey the true characteristics of young love.

“No” – Meghan Trainor

Expressing no arrogance at all, Meghan Trainor is heard on almost all radio stations. Her words are so humble, allowing her true self to be shown to the world.

“Work” – Rihanna

Rihanna shocked us all with one of the least repetitive songs of the year. This song has so much hidden meaning and truly allows listeners everywhere to contemplate important life decisions.

“Team” – Iggy Azalea

As we are all already familiar with the talent that Iggy possesses, we all had very high expectations for her newest song, “Team”. This song displayed all of the characteristics of a pure musical genius.

“Juju on Dat Beat” – Zay Hilfiger

You can’t help but dance your heart out when you hear this song. The beat and rhymes are unlike any other and have definitely a song we will all gladly remember from 2016.

“M.I.L.F.$” – Fergie

The mastermind behind “Fergalicious” has definitely outdone herself with her new song that has become one of the greatest comebacks of all time. This song conveys such a beautiful message and a very iconic, yet appropriate music video.

“Work From Home” – Fifth Harmony

Some may think this song was overplayed, but to me, it wasn’t played enough. This song was thankfully stuck in my head for months. I was so glad that I could replay this song in my mind, reminding me of the motivational words.