2017 Horoscopes


Haley Goodman, Editor-n-Chief

Warning: I am not a qualified astrologist.



Dec. 22nd- Jan. 21st

This year you will rely on your hard working nature to get you to the top, though once you get there, it won’t necessarily satisfy you. Not only is your spirit animal a goat but this year many of your colleagues will see you as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time). Don’t take this title lightly. This year will be full of calculated decisions, so keep that in mind next time someone asks you what you want for dinner.



Jan. 22nd- Feb. 21st

2017 will be a very important year for you. You will continue to set trends as normal, this will bring admirers your way Aquarius. Don’t let this give you a big head or distract you from the goals you’ve set. But be on the look out for your intuition steering you in a direction you didn’t expect, don’t rule any ideas out as crazy just yet, cause crazy is just your speed.  



Feb. 22nd- Mar. 21st

Some unresolved issues will wrap up this year Pisces, moving onto a new chapter of life. Whether this is a physical change or a mental realization. Ride the waves this year, because not only are you a water sign but going with the flow, though against your nature, will pay off. Though your need for companionship will bring you frustrations in 2017, don’t be discouraged. Pace yourself this year and you will succeed.



Mar. 22nd- Apr. 21st

2017 will bring you all new experiences and challenges. You’ve never been more ready to take on what life throws at you Aries. Being a fire sign, this year will bring you a LIT social life. You can make a major impact in people’s’ lives.



Apr. 22nd- May 21st

Thankfully you have survived 2016, and now that 2017 is upon you, so is a plethora of exciting adventures. Organizing your priorities, as well as balancing work and social life is important this year Taurus. Keep a positive attitude and things will all work out in your favor, no bull.



May 22nd- Jun. 21st

2016 brought you lessons after lessons in your close relationships. Whether it’s your friends, family or significant other, your close relationships will give you a little break this year. Even though they may need less work in 2017, don’t let your many talents distract you from what’s important. This year will be a great opportunity to expand your self expression, from your bubbly side so the somber, serious side of your personality, you’re in for an exciting year.



Jun. 22nd- Aug. 21st

2017 is a clean slate for this water sign. You made need to clear a few debts before diving into you goals for this year. Or on the other hand, you may been reimbursed for one of your many generous moments from the past. This year is for forgiving, not forgetting. The crab may be your spirit animal but there’s no reason to spend the new year crabby or bitter, focus on your friends and the smaller moments this year Cancer, as they may mean much more to you in the future.



Jul. 22nd- Aug. 21st

I would be “lion” if I said 2017 will be an easy year for you Leo. Big new things are coming your way but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Preserve your strong nature for your obstacles and let yourself enjoy all that you experience. Get ready to renovate your life and have a much better understanding of who you are and where you wanna be, 2017 is an important year for you.



Aug. 22nd- Sep. 21st

2017 will bring you success in many aspects of your life. If you put that extra amount of effort into your daily life, it will pay off big this year Virgo. Don’t spread yourself too thin, because you can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try. You will receive gifts of good news from those close to you, be sure not to take the littlest miracles for granted.



Sep. 22nd- Oct. 21st

This year you will look for balance and happiness in the world around you. Let your adventurous nature run free and you will find these things. Stay confident in your decisions instead of being indecisive like last year Libra. The scales tip in your favor this year. Your relationships will take an unexpected turn this year but as long as you embrace the change, very few obstacles will stand in your way.



Oct. 22nd- Nov.21st

2017 is your year to learn who you are and where you want to be Scorpio. You self reliance is important and will be an essential part of keeping this year on a strong and steady path. The biggest journeys you will face will be within yourself. Stay responsible with your money, because this year will show many opportunities to blow your fortune. It will be an interesting year for you, to say the least.



Nov. 22nd- Dec. 22st

2017 is a year of luck for you. You are the sign of the archer, don’t be surprised when you hit a bullseye in the relationship department. Continue to strive for the truth in all aspects of your life, paring this with your open minded attitude will pay off big for you this year.