You’re Invited!

Youre Invited!

Mackenzie Tomlinson, Spotlight Editor

Hey you! Yes, you! How would you like an invitation to the hottest, crunkest, most “turnt” party of the school year? Well, I personally would like to extend a hand inviting you to an absolute rager…the BCI Bash!

Stocked with enough inflatable obstacle courses, awkward teacher chaperoning, and subtle glances towards your crush “Brandon,” to last a lifetime, the BCI bash is a game changer. If you didn’t get to experience this absolute banger as a fifth or sixth grader at Bear Creek Intermediate, now is your chance!

Dress Code:

Please come in your newest Aeropostale t-shirt (the bigger the word Aeropostale the BETTER!) Your best Miss Me jeans and the one inch heels your mom let you wear because this is  SPECIAL. Other acceptable brands are: Hollister, Abercrombie, and Justice.


The bops will be provided by Taio Cruz, Nicki Minaj, and Flo Rida. “Dynamite” will be played 87 consecutive times. Every hour or so, “Cyclone” followed by “Fly like a G6,” will be played by our resident DJ Big Todd (known by day as Tax manager Todd Jones).


You can glance flirtily at your crush up to 16 times as he hangs out on the boys’ side of the gym. Any more than that is too upfront. Feel free to talk about how Brittany’s hair isn’t even crimped right when you are less than three feet away from Brittany. Just make sure to act shocked when she cries.


Kool-Aid (blue, red) gushers, a bowl of Doritos that every one of your classmate’s clammy hands have dug through.