Thanksgiving Decorations! Yay!

Gobble Gobble!

Kate Carlin

Gobble Gobble!

Kate Carlin, A/V Editor

Here at Keller’s Wigwam, we look for the most festive people of all different seasons, these can include Halloween, Christmas, Festivus, Saturnalia, Easter, heck, even Chinese New Year is a prime time for when we scope out festive decor hung around the house or the yard for the common house folk. The Wigwam covers these holidays all fairly well, and this year we have decided to bring more light to the thanksgiving season itself and the people who celebrate thanksgiving.

One of the assistant principals here, Dr. Taylor, is a big fan of the big gobble gobble of the thanksgiving holiday, “It’s just a week I can get away from being called Morgan Freeman” he states, happy that his voice can rest for a week before Christmas, where he then serves to be Keller’s very own Santa Claus. During his downtime throughout the turkey day break, he enjoys running the turkey trot and also dressing up as a turkey for Thanksgiving, Taylor also adds in his exclusive interview on 60 minutes.

To add to the Turkey Day fan club is Junior Class President Hannah Webb, putting an astounding 73 blow up turkeys in her front yard and bedroom during the week of thanksgiving.

“I just have, like a thing with thanksgiving, I love the pilgrims and their hair and the peace they had with the Indians and tbh that really didn’t last, and also the Turkey that we all worship here in the Webb house,” Webb explains her love of thanksgiving through Whatsapp, which honestly really isn’t justified. Hannah also enjoys summoning the turkey demons her family has eaten the thanksgivings before. “My favorite turkey to contact from the outside is the turkey from 2012, he tells me that we’re all gonna die, lol he did and I didn’t.” Webb also explained through Whatsapp, which still isn’t very justifiable.

Thanksgiving 2016 here at Keller High is definitely one for the books, along with all of the invisible festive decorations around the hallway of turkey memorabilia and the pilgrim ghosts that roam these halls still to the very day keep us in the holiday spirit. However this holiday is sadly looked over, known as “the break before Christmas break” and to people not from America “that one random week off that americans have because they actually got along with somebody for once.”

But here at Keller, we keep the spirit of every holiday in tact, and everyone’s hearts within the holiday spirit, whether it’s summer, spring, autumn, or winter.