Faux Election


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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Armando Tellez, Staff Writer

Breaking news: in a shocking interview aired on CNN on Friday, November 4, the two political party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, revealed they would be dropping out of the election. The move came as a result of a serious sit-down between the two where they recognized their unfit nature for presidency in comparison to that of Bernie Sanders.

“This is why I had to delete my e-mails,” said Hillary Clinton, finally opening up about her controversial e-mails. “They contained secret information between Donald and I where we discussed helping Bernie gain presidency.”

In this unpredicted turn of events Clinton went on to explain that she and Trump had planned it from the beginning for Sanders to become president. It was only after they started gaining support that they both decided to go against their word and pursue their own self-interests. Thankfully, they both saw the error of their ways and reverted back to their previous plan.

“I have to admit our pride got the better of us,” said Donald Trump. “But in the final stretch to the election Hillary and I decided that dropping out was for the best. No wall can beat Bernie. He’s the hero we need.”

This leaves the nation shocked and skeptical, but then again, can this alternative be worse?