Top Ten Hottest Heads of State

Jack Pittman Heglund, Staff Writer

James A Garfield

Our 20th President earns the 10th spot on our list for his long lush beard. President Garfield doesn’t have a whole lot else going for him, but his beard is so perfect it would be a travesty if he did not make the list.


Bill Clinton

Bill was a very desirable man and was beloved by many. Bill rocked a number of different looks from the classic suit and tie to more casual athletic wear. All of this set aside the most attractive quality of bill was his ability to keep an economy stable.


Woodrow Wilson

Those wire frame glasses give him a stern, sophisticated look. If Wilson lived in this age i would picture him wearing a black turtleneck sweater, hanging out in a place that does slam poetry. I can only assume he prefers tea over coffee.


Theodore Roosevelt

There are many stories as to how Theodore Roosevelt earned his nickname “Teddy” but for convenience, we’ll assume it is because he is soft and cuddly like a teddy bear.


Ulysses S. Grant

Rugged and stylish are just a couple words to describe the man on the fifty dollar bill, his well kept beard and messy hair give him a look that would blend seamlessly in today’s world. His look says “I’m too busy winning the civil war to care about how I look” and it works so well.


James K. Polk

In the 1840’s this dude was KILLING the fashion game. Thanks in part to his wife Sarah Polk the presidential couple slayed receptions and dinners at the time.


Franklin Pierce

Despite the fact that he was a raging alcoholic and one of the worst presidents ever, he was handsome, charming and liked by the general population. Franklin pierce had a timeless haircut that has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years with teens and young adults.


Chester Arthur

A rather unremarkable president due to the fact that he was simply James Garfield’s replacement and did not do much in office . Arthur had perhaps the most extensive, luxurious wardrobe of any president, sources testify that he had over 80 pairs of pants. You also can not go without mentioning those meaty mutton chops that he sported.


Barack Obama

It’s not how he dresses or any outstanding features that make him so appealing but it’s how he carries himself. Obama has swagger like no other president, whether it be on the court or on the podium; he approached his daily life with such poise and confidence that he just oozed charm.


John F. Kennedy

JFK had it all good hair, a keen sense of style, nice facial structure, and class. It may have been that he was the youngest elected president and was assassinated before he could get old and ugly. Nevertheless, JFK is widely considered the best-looking president we’ve seen and will most likely hold that title for years to come.