Top 10 Best to WORST Animals

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

1. Dogs.

Obviously, the most superior animal known to mankind. So pure, so loyal, such sweet  furry guys.

2.  Lizards.

That nice little guy crawling up and down the side of your house, or on the ground? There he is, the smart green tiny man.

3. Bunnies

They’re amazing (not as amazing as dogs), they can hop, that’s pretty cool. And also, not to mention, the trendiest because of that raw vegan diet!

4. Cats.

Cats aren’t the worst, but they’re fine I guess. I have no words.

5. Whatever bacteria resides inside a beauty-blender (not the dupes).

I mean this is pretty gross, but who wouldn’t want to live inside superior makeup applicators.

6. A mature, adult Silk Worm

I say adult because of their lives hard work, and all the luxurious silk material they have produced. Baby silk worms are just dumb?? Have you even woven THAT much silk? Didn’t think so.

7. Clown Fish.

They’re so nice! So considerate! Ellen Degeneres will never be lost again (:

8. Colorful Frogs.

These guys are the most poisonous, will most likely kill you at the touch. But it’s okay, because they’re really nice frogs and they really care! Also most likely to attend (Frog) college.

9. Fire Ants.

These guys aren’t very nice, they ruin your picnics, make weird dirt mountains things, and burn down houses (with their fire).

10. Babies.




All they do is eat?? And scream?? They don’t even dig holes when they gotta go, they just poo. Everywhere.

They have nearly no hair, where’s the soft fur? Those dummies obviously aren’t prepared for winter. Plus, they can’t even talk. Ew.