“Teachers” of the Night

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Every Halloween is filled with the expected kids dressing up, as dreaded nightmares or light hearted kids characters, parents handing out “fun sized” bars of candy, which we all know aren’t really the fun sizes, and us supposedly “delinquent” teenagers causing mischief. Halloween is full of the expected stereotypes, but it also has its unexpected surprises.

No, not the clowns that have taken over social media and the streets. Something much simpler, and in many ways probably more scarring, has been rumored throughout the school. Halloween this year at Keller High school isn’t just going to have its normal tricks and treats.

A couple years ago, you may have known them as Dr. Nasra’s minions. Constantly trying to stay in time with the students here, sometimes not as successful as they’d hope, now, they’re making us go back to their time.

Dressing up as “teachers” of the night, rumor has it that a flash mob will break out between passing periods. Whether it will be filled with the moans and groans of the dead or the old is yet to be decided; either way most of the staff is praying that they won’t have to call an ambulance for a beloved friend.

Asking Nasra about the rumors, he refused to give a sufficient answer to any questions thrown his way.

“I have no idea of this flash mob, but if one were to happen, faculty would have to shut it down immediately. Unless of course it was to tasteful music like ‘Thriller’,” Nasra said with a wink, rushing off to attend to his other duties.

Of course, at the end of the day, a flash mob isn’t a flash mob without the element of surprise. So it’s expected to get unclear answers from any of the staff.

So, if you see any creepy and mysterious dancing throughout the hallways, don’t fret, for it will only be the horrifying, yet questionable dance moves that the teachers of Keller planned to spook us with. A true trick and treat for the students who will be attending school that day.