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Kate Carlin

Photographed is Dr. Taylor as one of the coolest kids in Keller, sporting his new fall fashion!

Kate Carlin, AV Editor/Staff Writer

Heyyyy ;), it’s ya girl CaramelleMochaSpice77 and I am here to give you some fall fashion tips!!!!1!!! I don’t know where the 2010’s went wrong with their fashion choices, but they did and it totally sucks. I think we need to get back to the classics, some totally fetch 2000’s wear, sparkly uggs and Limited Too shirts, sooo cute!

This first one is for my boyz, dump the Vineyard vines and the Nike wear, super weakk, let’s get back to the good days where we wore scene hair and skinny jeans and short shorts all in the name of fall fun! Pulling your pants up obviously above your waist is now back in style, gotta love camel toe!

Also, socks and sandals are such a great combination, why did we ever stop wearing them?!? With your pants that won’t fall down, how about some flip flops to go with it?! Or those shoes with the individual little holes for your feet, so hot right now! Or, maybe you can become one of the hipsters and just go to school with only your socks on that have otters on them, or maybe some bacon socks, or OOH. HOW ABOUT SOCKS WITH MUSTACHES ON THEM? It’s like your inner sixth grader never left you!!!!!!!1!!!!

Now, this next little tiddly bit is for the girlz reading this list, you ladies are so so so so so excited because I am like your Barbie fashionista! ;)) Speaking of Barbie, hot pink everything is in! Ugh! So in! Hot pink track jackets, sweat pants, with the little watered down Kohls Juicy Couture logo! So fetch! Ugh! Go to your nearest Goodwill today and get in on that new trend!

Animal prints are back in style for both boys and girls too, boys can be the Tarzan to their Baes Jane, and ladies you can look like a cheetah girl! I strongly suggest buying faux fur from the nearest store, really, stop reading this article now and go and buy yourself some fake baby koala fur, and make yourself a snuggie so you can wear it to every single one of your classes!!1! Is faux fur not your thing? Well, you can go and use saran wrap for your next fashion, or maybe you can use a trash bag, that;s still some avant garde fashion being worked into your poor poor souls of Keller high schools nike shorts and T shirt fashion, #DRABAF

Now, the one that I saved for last is for everyone, even Dr. Taylor is wearing it! It is called the throwback of the 2010’s, the holy grail of your third grade wardrobe, Gauchos. Gauchos are literally the epiphany of every single wardrobe, gauchos go with everything, including flat bill hats, horse hair, collared shirts, limited too outfits, sparkly shirts from justice, a plain old sports bra, ahh heck,  your camel toe even goes great with it! This is a MUST HAVE for the fall, go to your nearest youth section of walmart and/or Target and bu out all of the gauchos, NOW.

Allllriiiiight ;;)  Thanks for tuning into my fall fashion tips for Keller High School two kay sixteen!!!!! Goodbaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! See u l8tr!