Keller DEstruction


Jack Steyer, Photo editor/Staff writer

The wait is finally over, the bathrooms are new, the cafeteria is bigger, and the doors open INTO the room. All is right with the school, or is it? I sat down with our very own Dr. Nasra to talk with him about the recent additions that have been made to the school, and what he had to say may surprise you.

   Dr. Nasra was kind enough to bless me with his time and answer all my incredibly dull questions the other day, and in the process, I learned something. When I asked him “Dr. Nasra, what are your thoughts on the recent construction? How much of an improvement is it to you?” he responded with “If I’m going, to be honest, I’m not crazy about the results at all. It doesn’t really fit my aesthetic, you know?”. I responded, stunned, with “Well, the construction cost a handful of millions, you know? You should probably at least ACT like you love it.” Nasra cut in with “You know, I’ve got a handful more. Do you think we should redo it?”. I was shook, I couldn’t believe my ears, was he really suggesting we de-construct what we just spent a year and a half building, and reconstruct just to make it look more aesthetically pleasing? Yeah, he really, really was.

Is he even allowed to do this? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, but he is. I think. Does anyone know what kind of doctor he is? What if he just called himself a doctor to seem more qualified for the job and no one called him on it? He totally got away with it if he did. Anyway, as it turns out, he can. I continued the interview with “You can’t be serious, how can you even think about blowing  so much money like that?” he swiftly responded with “You don’t get it, do you? School may mean nothing to you, but to me, it’s my life. If I come to work every day in an environment like I swear I’ll get sick. I can’t stand the look of it any longer.” I could hear the agitation in his voice, and without warning, he stood up and left the interview. MY interview, the nerve he had. He has the passion, though, I’ll give him that.

So after all of that, I was contacted by the man himself, and he gave me all the deets for his new construction plan. I was asked not to disclose them, but what I can say is this: All new everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Down to the smallest bathroom tile. The project that cost a whopping $29,277,749.08, for construction alone, is going to be torn down and rebuilt. The deconstruction will take 1.5 years, and the re-reconstruction will take another 1.5. So, unfortunately, no, the wait is not over, it’s only just begun.