“It’s Confidential”

Homecoming tragedy

Sandra Decaigny, staff writer


Homecoming a tradition celebrated all over America, but Texas seems to have the most spirit according to USA today, “The mums of Texas are just as big as the state itself.” With mums populating the school and football chants drifting through all the hallways, homecoming was shaping up to be a fun night of fantastic memories. For the most part, homecoming was a huge success, but for one girl the only question plaguing her mind is, “What’s wrong with you Keller?”
Samantha Bushwall a straight A student, who innocently went to homecoming was discovered Sunday morning at exactly 4:00 a.m. in the local Sonic’s trashcan. She was discovered by Sonic’s local food delivery man who stated the event as follows,


“I was doing my daily morning routine, you know, hauling in the frozen food, I was in the middle of this process when I heard a rustle coming from the dumpster. I went to check and right there was a girl. Obviously, a girl fresh from the homecoming dance… or was.”


Samantha Bushwall was immediately taken to Wake Med to be looked over for any serious injuries. Harvard medical graduate, Doctor John Brown, listed her injuries as such,


“Samantha Bushwall was examined and found to have a concussion to the head, a broken leg, and a stubbed toe.”


Later that afternoon, Sheriff Gray visited Ms. Bushwall to document exactly what happened that fateful night of homecoming. The conversation is as follows.


“I walked into the hospital and saw Samantha Bushwall lying in there on the bed, all covered in casts and other medical healing devices. I sat down next to her and asked her about that night. She spoke very little but, I was able to extract some information. She told me how all she remembered was dancing to Closer by Chainsmoke, then she went off with a group of friends to Sonic at around 10:00 p.m. The next thing she remembers is bright lights, two bright lights speeding toward her.


On Friday, September 23 at 5:00, a man strolled into the police station dressed in all black. Sheriff Gray describes the man as, “snake-like he slithered through the office.”


The man carried an interesting item with him, a vanilla folder. When asked what the contents were Sheriff Gray replied, “it’s confidential.”


Samantha Bushwall lays limp in the hospital, covered in casts when finally media was given admittance into the patient’s room. The question that every news anchor from every network asked was, “What happened to you?” While this phrase seems entirely simple to the everyday person these four words strung together sent Ms. Bushwall into distress. Her only reply is, “I don’t think anyone will ever know what happened to me. Every time I try to ask, everyone tells me ‘it’s confidential.’”