Delay in Keller High School Construction

Emily Semlow, Staff

Over the past year, here at Keller High School, construction has been a part of our daily lives, unfortunately. The school has transformed tremendously, “improving” the student routines and providing more space for the incoming students. Due to the rainy weather in the past month, which is surprising for Texas, considering the state is bipolar in its weather, a new discovery has been made that just might entirely backtrack all progress.

It was found that the school’s foundation had never properly been inspected and was violating many construction codes. These violations mean that over time the school may completely shift, putting the many students that attend in potential danger.

“It’s nothing to worry about at the moment, but it’s definitely something that needs to be looked into in the near future,” one of the construction workers comments to put many, “overbearing,” parents at ease of the situation.

“From the last inspection, the violations are minor, but because the school has been standing for so long, these violations may mean longer construction time. We will not be done in the few years we hoped we would be.”

Meanwhile, all construction has been put on a hold as the inspections continue to figure out the best course of action to correct the situation.

Students are being urged to be cautious around the pre-existing construction and the add-ons in the building. If there are any signs of damage to the school, including the birds that were found in the commons, faculty is to be notified immediately.

For the meantime, the school will continue and students will be able to learn without any interference. Depending on the future inspections, the school could possibly be determined to be fine left as is, inspectors “allegedly” not being paid off, or students will have to distribute to other schools in the area so the vital mistake may be corrected.