Parks and Recreation Finale


Gretchen Braun

Staff Writer

February 24th, 2015. This is the day the world as we know ended. This will be a day that will live on in infamy. The day of the series finale of Parks and Recreation. With this tragedy we must learn to cope and move on with our lives. “We have to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work,” the beautiful words from the great Leslie Knope who would want you to be strong and keep moving on. Here are five pieces of advice to live by to come to terms with the ending of the greatest TV show to ever be.

  1. First things first. crawl out from your bed and unwrap yourself from your blanket of sadness, embrace your new freedom of not being trapped by a TV program. Think of all the activities you could do. For example start a new show on Netflix.
  2. You could also force your friend to watch it and live through them. Every laugh will fill the hole in your heart thinking back on the days that you started the show.
  3. Look forward to the future and the possibility of having a relationship like Andy and April, or Chris and Anne. With the possibility of this how could you be sad?
  4. With every passing day of no new episodes life might start to take a turn for the worse, but just remember that Leslie Knope would never want you to feel down, April might but try not to think of that.
  5. Lastly, just think of all the great memories you have of watching the show, all the laughs and imaginary friendships you made will last a lifetime and will never be forgotten.