Brainwashing Keller High

Emily Darden

Staff Writer

Keller students stroll down the hallways, mindlessly humming along to the passing period music, unaware of the dangers. The same few songs playing over and over again, searing themselves into their brains, continuously repeat the same hidden message.

The school is brainwashing us as we innocently walk down the hallway. Through the use of subliminal or hidden messages, they can tell our subconscious minds to follow their rules and answer to their every whim. There is no limit to their power.

The same few songs being played each passing period annoy most students, and for a good reason too. Although you can not consciously acknowledge the secret message, your brain can tell something is not quite right.

Slowly but surely, the entire student population is unknowingly being recruited to do the bidding of the school. They hold all the power over us, making us slaves to their causes.

There is no telling what they will do with this power. Just by planting hidden messages in passing period music, they are able to train us to be whatever they want us to be.

Soon they will be able to plant their music all over the world, slowly but surely conquering everyone in their path. Who knows what’s next? The Pentagon? The White House?  We are just the beginning.