Ode to an Allergen


Haidyn Pyfer, Managing Editor

The birds have come out, the sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom. We all know what this means: ALLERGY SEASON. Yes, this most abominable of all seasonal phenomena is upon us once again. The halls and classrooms are filled with the cacophonous racket of sneezing, sniffing, and snorting. The floors are covered with an ever-shifting sea of crumpled tissues. No one dares brave the outdoors unless armed with nasal spray and eye drops. Why, pollen? Why must you plague us with swollen eyes and irritated nasal passages? Why must you tickle our lungs with your tiny fingers? This season of beauty and rebirth is forever defiled by our excessive phlegm, and we are powerless to prevent it. You win this round, nature. You win.