I highly recommend watching his EWW Twilight video.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

I highly recommend watching his “EWW Twilight” video.

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Attention to all movie lovers, movie critics, or anyone in search of a new YouTube channel to consume their lives until they watch every single video on their page. After watching CinemaSins, you will realize that you may want him to narrate your life instead of Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.

As well as a pleasing voice, Jeremy, who’s last name will not be disclosed for the sake of his privacy, offers witty and humorous insight as he “sins” movies, from The Lion King, (I know, how could he sin that?) to The Last Airbender. (Bonus round for useless air karate!)

A timer runs as he plays scenes from movies and makes some remark that retains to a silly inconsistency or on the other hand, a serious plot-hole, all while keeping it extremely entertaining and not over-analytical. After each sin, his trademark “ding!” sounds, and the sin-counter on the upper left corner of the screen goes up one. (Unless it really sucks.)

However, if you are lucky, depending on the movie, there will be a bonus round of sins, which multiply exponentially after each offense.

For example, each time Bella in Twilight makes a weird sound. You know what I’m talking about.

After watching a few CinemaSins videos, you will be surprised to learn that he does not have a heart made of stone, (I’m kidding, he’s great) and will occasionally deduct a sin or two for something he finds adds quality or wow-factor to a movie.

After he is done, the sin-count is tallied and the movie is given a sentence to repent for its sins. Hypothetically.

You can find these videos by typing in his trademark title: “Everything Wrong with,” which precedes the title of the movie he decided to sin. This is also referred to as the “EWW series.” They are quite a delight.

I would love to see him sin I, Frankenstein; La La Land; or Last Knights. Just saying. His channel is literally my favorite thing.

Of course, we can’t forget the behind-the-camera man, Chris, who does a great deal of work to make sure a sins video gets out every week. A lot of the magic is and should be accredited to him, and I for one certainly appreciate his contributions. Without him and Jeremy working together the way they do, CinemaSins wouldn’t be the way it is.

In addition, Jeremy has a mini-series he has recently rebooted called “Movie Recipes.” I can even quote the intro. “Sometimes, watching a movie just isn’t enough. You also want to eat that movie. And that’s why there’s movie recipes.” (Yes, the intro music is also playing in my head.)

For this series, we are graced with Jeremy standing in an apron before telling you that you need to run to the nearest Walmart and beat up a guy before stealing his groceries for the ingredients. Guess what movie this recipe made? (It’s Fight Club, for which we made an omelet for.)

If you enjoy Tang, I recommend the Forrest Gump casserole. These videos are thoroughly enjoyable. Imitate these recipes at your own risk.

He is immersed in his craft, and is immensely talented and creative with a truly wonderful sense of humor. Though some try to mimic this or copy his channel, without the finesse Jeremy (and his skilled narrating *ding* voice) possesses, it never is the same.  If you are interested, I highly recommend investing time in watching what CinemaSins does best. Because no movie is without sin.