What’s Your Favorite Snapchat Filter?


Haley Goodman, Editor-In-Chief

I polled 120 students on which Snapchat filter is their favorite. It was difficult to choose a couple filters from the abundance of ever changing ones that Snapchat offers. The dog face and flower crown have been around for months, and I don’t expect the app to remove them anytime soon due to their popularity. Another emerging favorite is the black and white filter with retro sunglasses. The filter includes the song “Now and Later” by Sage The Gemini in the background. It is a catchy and upbeat song, which I suspect is one of the reasons for its growing popularity and stable spot on the filter options.

Out of the participants, 38% of them chose the dog filter as their favorite. Though it was the “winner” the close proximity of the statistics (Sunglasses came in at 33% and Flower crown at 20%) lead me to conclude that no one filter is a clear favorite. There are different filters fit for different moments in your life, so choose wisely.