The Good in Obama’s Presidency

The Good in Obamas Presidency

Jack Steyer, Staff Writer/Photo Editor

A lot of people don’t appreciate the work that Barack Obama has done. They look over the good and only see the bad. So, here are some of the many good things that he did during his presidency.

  • Traded foreign oil for clean energy
  • Doubled fuel efficiency standards
  • Brought home more troops
  • Dropped number of Americans without healthcare by half
  • Added 15.6 million private sector jobs in the past 81 months
  • Legalized gay marriage, nationwide
  • Ended war in Iraq
  • Stopped Osama Bin Laden
  • Increased funding for veterans affairs by 26%
  • Expanded stem cell research
  • Provided childcare for working families
  • Brought down tax rates for working families to their lowest
  • Stopped Dakota access pipeline
  • Increased funding for Violence Against Women Act
  • Provided active duty troops with better armor
  • Shut down Syria’s chemical program without any conflict
  • Increased high school graduation rate

These are just a few of the many, many small things that Obama did do right. He’s done so many small things behind the scenes the media doesn’t cover because it’s not “Breaking News”, but the little things really do add up.