Music Madness

Found in creative commons

Found in creative commons

Jacob Mitchell, Staff Writer

In today’s society, music gives people of all backgrounds an escape from the outside world. But what’s the best way to play your music? With all the different machines and apps to play music, I’m here to tell you which one is the best out of all the choices users are presented with.


Spotify is an app that allows users to listen to music from various artists. For a fee of ten dollars a month, Spotify customers are able to listen to as much music as they want to.  You can make playlists, listen to Spotify radio, and even download songs so that you can listen to them offline.


Pandora is an app that creates radio stations based on a user’s music taste. The stations play songs that are similar to the type of music the user likes. While this is good for finding new music, users are not able to play songs at any time they would like.

Apple Music

Apple Music is very similar to Spotify; it is the same concept and the same price. Despite the similarities, Apple can connect to artists more efficiently and often times new music is featured on Apple Music before Spotify.

After considering all the facts, it is obvious that Apple Music is the best choice when deciding how to listen to your music because it offers the most listening options.