Pets Are for People Who Don’t Have Kids

Jack Steyer, Staff Writer/Photo Editor

Young people don’t like kids. It’s a state of mind older people forgot they had, and they insist that we carry on the family name. That would be cool, but that is a LOT of work. Instead, there is a much more simple solution to this.

Pets are that very solution.

They’re a lot more fun to raise than kids are. Although pets still require the essentials, water, food and shelter, pets will stay cute even when they grow up and they’ll always appreciate what you do and never turn their back on you like a kid might. Pets, like service dogs, can even get things for you if you’re disabled or injured. They’ll (most likely) never leave you. Raising a pet goes by way faster than raising a kid too. Since dogs grow more rapidly, raising a dog for 6 months is like raising a kid for 6 years. They grow so fast and you can, sadly, but also kind of in a good way, go through a few dogs in your lifetime. It’s like raising and saying goodbye to three or four kids all in one lifetime, only with cute puppies.

So, whether it’s because you don’t like kids, can’t have them or won’t have them, pets can fill that kid shaped hole in your heart.