Three Concerts, Two Weeks

Kate Romano and Chastity Frazier

Concert #1: Grouplove

On the long awaited day of November 15th, we had the opportunity to witness a live concert of one of our favorite bands. With the doors opening at 7:00 pm we bolted from school and made the drive to the Dallas House of Blues as quick as possible. We were placed at about 30th in line with two painfully slow hours left until we would begin checking in. After entry we sped to the stage and found ourselves facing center stage at second row. In the moment that Grouplove makes their way on stage all of the soreness and need for water seems to fade away and the only thing that seems to matter is the music. The performance was flawless, allowing the room to feel the love being expressed on stage. This concert easily ranked as the best concert I have ever seen live and they left the audience never wanting the night to end.

Concert #2: The 1975

The unexpected concert on the friday after Thanksgiving played out very differently than the previous concert we attended. We arrived at Southside Ballroom 9 hours before doors opened and bundled through the cold winds. It seemed as if there were about 250 people ahead of us in line, some of which had been camped out for two nights before. After 9 restless hours of trying to kill time, they finally opened the doors. After spending the whole day dedicated to The 1975, we were placed about 25 rows back in the center. The concert had significantly the most beautiful stage I’ve ever seen and sent chills to the audience. Although we were further back, the experience was indescribable.

Concert #3: Against The Current

On November 30th we left school fifteen minutes early to make it to the Dallas House of Blues by 5pm. We had VIP so we got to see Against the Current soundcheck with a meet and greet following directly after. We then stood through three opening bands, Northern National, Beach Weather (one of our favorites bands), and CRUISR. We rocked out to all of them and when ATC came on stage everyone went insane. Over an hour set list felt like 10 minutes. Their performance was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Chrissy Costanza gave her all and her vocal performance was absolutely amazing.