Cupcake Wars

cupcakes from cupcake wars

cupcakes from cupcake wars

Matt Sweren, Staff Writer

It that time a year when culinary is at its finest. Cupcake wars was in full swing last week. 6 groups in each class competed with 6 different groups compete for the coveted cup cake wars title. To make a good cupcake takes a lot of hard work with a good frosting and a great cake and also picking a possible filling can all be a part of the tough task of cup cake wars. What runs through bakes minds when the make their cupcakes… who knows. Maybe, cream cheese or butter cream, strawberry or banana or even filling or no filling.

Some cupcakes are pretty mainstream. Chocolate with butter cream, Red Velvet with cream cheese, or with vanilla with butter cream. But you’d be surprised to know that no main stream cupcake has ever won cupcake wars. Some of the flavors that won on Thursday were jelly donut cupcake with an expresso cupcake complementing it. A Dr. pepper cupcake with cream cheese frosting. And a pineapple up side down cake cupcake. Those were three out of the 4 cupcakes that won that day.

But taste isn’t even half of it decorations count for most of the score. With an amazing display your cupcakes can taste like dirt and you can win. As The picture next to the article displays a breakfast at tiffany’s with a white house with a blue roof mad a onning out of lace. That won was a landslide winner and came far from winning the taste category.

Some honorable mentions were a monkey bread cupcake which involves cinnamon sugar and tastes close to a cinnamon roll. Another was an apple spice cupcake which was filled with delicious fresh shredded apples with a cinnamon butter cream frosting.

As far as judges go, Mr. Cox (Culinary teacher) sends out an email to all the teachers to ask who wants to be a judge for each culinary period. The 4 to respond get to be the judges.

And that’s about it for cupcake wars 2016 . see you next year. Who knows what crazy cupcakes will come up next year.