Classic is the New Thing

Natalie Ryan, Sports Editor


If you are like me, you prefer to be unique and not mainstream with the present day trends. I am not saying that I do not own basic possessions, but I do try and collect uncommon material things. The car I drive switches between a compact jeep and a Toyota Forerunner, but my dream car is a classic one. Honestly, I am pretty much fine with any classic car; I could drive a 1961 Jaguar E-Type or a 1973 Volkswagen Thing. What I love about Classic cars is that they each have their own character compared to the cars today.

1961 Jaguar E-Type
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1961 Jaguar E-Type

1961 Jaguar E-Type

This car was and still is a one of kind car with it’s big oval headlights, and an elongated hood. Granted the car is not as high tech as Jaguars today, but the appearance definitely makes up for this.


1973 Volkswagen Thing

This car was based off of a World War II-era German military vehicle Kubelwagen. The interior is very simple, but the outside is quirky as all get out. About 25,000 were imported to America, but discontinued due to the fact that Ralph Nader, an activist, claimed it did not meet safety requirements for passenger cars. Since it did not meet safety standards then it probably would not be the best car, but hey, look how cool it looks.


1969 Toyota 2000GT

Toyota partnered with Yamaha to create this Italian looking car that would make you feel like driving fast through the mountains, while going on adventures. This car is not your typical Toyota Corolla; it looks like a James Bond car. It was actually inspired off of the Jaguar E-Type, so no wonder why I like it so much.


1970 Pontiac GTO

This car in present day cost less than 30,000 dollars. It is a very sporty look and a “muscle car”. This car’s destiny belongs in the fast lane.

 I only named a handful of the many incredible looking Classic cars there are. If you are interested in classic cars, then I suggest going to a car show like Pistons and Paint located in Denton on November 12 or DFW Auto Show 2017 on March 22 in Irving. Overall, I basically think I know what I’m going to ask for my birthday and Christmas, but I am guessing I already know what my parents response will be.