Keller Conspiracy Theories

Keller Conspiracy Theories

Olivia Stengem , Staff Writer

Underground Tunnels Under Keller High?

Some of you may know at certain points around the Keller High building, there are grates that cover tunnel like openings leading under the school. There’s been talk that these leading to a system of underground tunnels under the school, and even around Keller.

True or Hoax? Hoax. The “tunnels” are just a system of sewage drains.


Is H*ll’s Gates Haunted?

H*ll’s Gate is a big square tunnel filled with graffiti, located near the Keller Art Houses. Teens that roam into the pitch black tunnel late at night tell stories of strange noises and even ghostly encounters while on their adventures. It’s been said that the deep tunnel is full of strange people and monsters you’ve never imagined.

True or Hoax? Unknown.


Keller Batman?

All around Twitter there’s been talk of the ‘Keller Batman’. He’s been seen around Keller decked out in his jet black bat gear, including on top of the Keller High School building. No one knows his or her true identity. It has been said that he is just here to protect the kids of Keller.

True or Hoax? True.


Third Floor at KHS?

When the new school year comes around there’s always talk about Keller’s “third floor” where the freshmen classes are always located. The secret floor has never been found.
True or Hoax? Hoax. The third floor is something upper class men use to mess around with the new students who are able to believe it.