It’s that Time of the Year

Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

The temperature is finally starting to drop, leaves are falling, and cloudy days are revered. If possible, under such heavenly circumstances, we curl up in bed and listen to the rain, enjoy a movie, or do whatever else our heart may desire. The truth becomes evident: the holiday season is underway.

Here is how it may go: first is Halloween. We call our friends over, a bowl of candy always nearby. Let the horror movies reel. November hits. Everyone knows it is crunch time. Teachers try their best to maintain our attention, but as the month wears on, we have less patience as they try and squeeze every quiz and essay they can get out of us before it is rendered impossible.

Sweaters and big boots are commonplace, or track pants and sweatshirts if that is more to your comfort, as mornings are crisp and by now, we have grown immune to the cold of the cafeteria. We get closer and closer to fall break. Said attention goes awry and dwindles as we near December.

Can you believe 2016 is swiftly coming to a close? Nonetheless, school is still in session. It is incredibly easy to fall into the lull of having one and two week breaks within consecutive months, where procrastination is bred and thrives. After fall break, all we can think about is Christmas break. After Christmas break, all we can think about is spring break.

To avoid the seemingly inevitable pull of procrastination, keep these tips in mind to help preserve your grades as the year goes on.

  1. Maybe, just maybe, every night during breaks, catch up on your history reading. Twenty pages right before bed really is not that bad, and keep in mind that some of the pages just have pictures on them. Perhaps look over a worksheet over the most recent concept you have just covered in math, run your mind through the process, just to keep it fresh. This takes only five minutes.
  2. Call your friends. Invite them over or choose a place, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, to sit and do a little study session.
  3. Do some homework given over break, if any, and get it done while enjoying a hot chocolate. Study a paper from a class of your choosing that was given and if none of you really understood, just glance over it.
  4. Copy down notes from that pile of scratch paper into its proper notebook, make it pretty, and spice up your planner. Play with new ways to study while making it fun.

There are plenty of ways to keep up on your study habits and school work instead of letting it all go down the toilet during our lovely and much needed breaks. These are just a few suggestions, which you can tailor to work for you. Happy Autumn!