Emma Bauer, Staff Writer

Looking for a new movie to settle down and enjoy this fall season? If you are not particularly a horror fan, then you’re in luck. This movie is categorized as a psychological horror, so there are no jump scares here. However, it still offers ample suspense and toe curling discoveries and can be found on Netflix.

Starring Katie Siegel, John Gallagher Jr., Samantha Sloyan and Michael Trucco, Hush was released on March 12th of this year and has received 100% Rotten Tomatoes, if that means anything to you. Reviews praise this “disturbing thriller succeeds in ratcheting up the tension (Wilding, Phil, Empire).” Now let’s delve into why you might want to add this to your “watch list.”

It is present time. Maddie (Siegel) is in her mid twenties, deaf, and lives alone. As an accomplished but not widely read author, she is living off of the mild profit of her released works. An old friend and neighbor, Sarah, (Sloyan) stops by on a dreary afternoon to talk about Maddie’s book that she read recently. Despite the fact that Maddie was in the middle of cooking amid their conversation, Maddie found that making time to chat with a close friend was more enjoyable than stirring ingredients and hoping she did not miss the timer on the oven go off.
To Maddie’s appreciation, Sarah has recently taken to learning sign language. She wants to show Maddie how much she has learned, praising her book with a wide grin.

Sarah eventually returns home, but is pursued back to Maddie’s cottage late at night. Someone is after her, but she is fruitless in her attempts to gain Maddie’s attention as she begs for help at the window.

Maddie later realizes she was too late. Furthermore, whoever did this to her best friend is still here, after her, and knows her secret.