Dankest Memes of 2016


Calendar of Popular Memes of the month

McKenna Hixon, Staff Writer

Memes are something that every teenager sees almost everyday in this day and age. Usually they’re very funny, however sometimes they can offend people. When a new meme becomes popular it’s all you hear about at school, every popular twitter account tweets about it, and people make jokes about it for much longer than anyone actually cares about it.

Meme culture has become something very large in teen lifestyle, and almost every other teen I know has a specific favorite meme.

March’s Gavin Meme became incredibly popular from an abundance of pictures and vines posted by his uncle, Nick Mastodon. Gavin is known for his many facial expressions that people say “can express their mood no matter the situation.”

Fan of Gavin, Allison Bracken, says that Gavin is her favorite meme because, “[she] loves how such a small child can have so many facial expressions that can express [her] emotions.”

Another meme that became viral recently is Harambe. Harambe is a gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was killed when a child fell into his enclosure in May. Teens all over have been showing their support for Harambe through memes and tweets of support, that can be pretty vulgar; however, ultimately funny. Fans of Harambe say to “Put respect on his name,” when they do something successful.

The last meme that has blown up recently is Arthur’s clenched fist, to show slight frustration in a situation. This meme is applicable to our generation as many young people grew up watching Arthur.
Memes have become a big part of Twitter culture, and many people all around KHS enjoy a dank meme. We’ll keep you updated on the meme of the month with our new meme calendar. Make a KHS themed meme and hashtag it on Twitter #KHSmeme!