The Great Debate: Fuzzy’s vs. Torchy’s?

The Great Debate: Fuzzys vs. Torchys?

Matt Harris

Staff Writers

For years now I have seen the masses take to Twitter to express their love for Torchy’s over Fuzzy’s and how Torchy’s queso is to die for. Personally, I had only ever had Fuzzy’s. It was all I ever really needed, I thought it was great. But after having this same debate with many friends, factoring in everything from quality of food down to even the name of the restaurant, I decided I needed to at least give Torchy’s a chance. This is an honest account of my experience at both restaurants.


I walked into Torchy’s for the first time and immediately had an appreciation for the atmosphere. If a restaurant has a good atmosphere it makes eating there so much more enjoyable. Although the space was a little small with tables crammed up next to each other on an especially busy Saturday night, the decorations and devil “Torchy’s” style theme really made the restaurant appealing. Unfortunately the good vibes started to end when I started to order. I realized that there were no sort of taco plates or dinner plates or anything like that. Sure, Torchy’s might be less expensive than Fuzzy’s at the first glance of the menu, but then you realize…. I’m only getting one taco. Later that night I took to Twitter to pronounce that I wanted a meal and not a snack while wondering what all the Torchy’s hype could be about. At least I still had their famed queso to look forward to right? Not exactly. I thought it was above average. Not bad, but definitely not as good as others. I would even go so far as to put it behind Chili’s’ queso. And maybe people like it so much due to the incorporation of guacamole in the queso. That isn’t something that I have seen anywhere else and if Torchy’s is the only local place that does use guac in their queso then I can certainly see why people like it so much. I’m just not a guac person which may be why most people like their queso more than I do. Not to mention that Torchy’s doesn’t even have regular drinks. Instead of going to get Coke, Dr Pepper or what-have-you out of their soda machine, you’ll be faced to choose from a barrage of Mexican sodas that you’ve never heard of before.


Similar to Torchy’s, you walk in the restaurant and you think, this place is unique. The restaurant has a certain personality about it that almost ensures that they probably have something good on the menu. It’s a fun and festive sort of environment that you really enjoy eating in. From their “It’s just different” and “Your newest addiction” stickers posted throughout the restaurant to the tables made out of painted doors with customer-made notes slipped under the plastic that is screwed onto the top of the table, Fuzzy’s gives off a warm and festive vibe. It’s very inviting and almost seems to beg you to stay for a while after you’re done eating to chat with friends and unwind. I wind up staying at Fuzzy’s for sometimes hours after my meal to chill with friends almost every time I go. And then there’s the menu. Ordering at Fuzzy’s is a struggle for me every single time. From their jumbo burritos, to the spicy beef quesadillas, to the taco plate it is a always a struggle to decide what to get. The one given is that chips and queso will be ordered. A white queso with shredded cheeses on top, the Fuzzy dust is what makes it. Fuzzy dust is a special blend of spices used in not only the queso but the chips as well and is available for sale by bottle. And although the meals are a tad more expensive than that of Torchy’s, they give you a full meal. When ordering a taco at Fuzzy’s, it will come with two tacos and two sides opposed to just one taco. Not to mention they have regular drinks (Coke, Dr. Pepper, etc.) in their drink machine. Although that is a commodity that seems like a given, Torchy’s does not offer that.

Final Thoughts:

It probably is pretty obvious by now that I am very much in favor of Fuzzy’s. It’s a great atmosphere that serves great food and is very fair for the price you pay. I would recommend Torchy’s for guac lovers and people who don’t eat a lot of food at meals. Fuzzy’s offers more food due to the availability of dinner and taco plates. Torchy’s isn’t bad. I see it as an above average restaurant and not a bad lunch spot, considering I eat considerably less at lunch than I do at dinner. But Fuzzy’s is elite to me. Fuzzy’s became my “New Addiction” as they say back in the 8th grade, and it has been an addiction for me ever since.