The Hammock Hook


Alicia Kwasny

Staff Writer

Many Americans have fallen into the E.N.O. trap, However harmless it may appear, it is highly addictive. While an E.N.O. addiction may not be as life-threatening as cocaine, it is still a life-changing product designed to draw in anyone who enjoys sunshine and fresh air.

When I first heard about the E.N.O. I was appalled that someone would spend over one $100 on a big tarp and some carabiners, little did I know that this invention would permanently alter the way I did homework and spent every moment my free time.

An E.N.O., Eagle Nest Outfitter, is a hammock that can be assembled virtually anywhere, this product is sold at any and all outdoors stores, and comes in a variety of colors and styles. While the E.N.O. may appear expensive at first, the enjoyment and relaxation it provides is worth much more than any dollar amount.

This hammock completely revolutionizes the way that I do homework, sitting upright at a desk has never appeared more inviting once I had experienced the heaven-like comfort of the E.N.O. While this product does make doing homework more appealing, it also increases procrastination. Napping often ensues once I have settled down into my warm cocoon, and I am lights out five minutes into the ordeal. However, once I have woken up from my rest, my mind is always refreshed and ready to tackle any assignment that stands in my way.

In addition to making the idea of homework more appealing, an E.N.O. also revolutionizes the way I read, eat, sleep, and watch Netflix. When I bought my first E.N.O. back in January I first set it up in my backyard in an attempt to puzzle my way through the simple setup process, after correctly assembling my hammock, and settling in, I quickly realized what an amazing decision I had made in buying such a product. Not only did I nap for three hours, but I also watched an entire season of The Office marking my most productive day spent without homework.

Overall, my purchase of the E.N.O. was an extremely rewarding decision that has altered the way I do homework and relax, this hammock is a necessity in anyone and everyone’s daily life.