Turner Falls Review


Jacob Mitchell

Staff Writer

When most people think of Oklahoma, they think about the red dirt and casinos that attract most Texans. Many people don’t know about the beautiful outdoor adventures that can be found there and how much fun you can have when you go.

One of the state parks that Oklahoma offers to the public is Turner Falls, located just north of the Texas-Oklahoma border right off of I-35. The park is only about a two hour drive from Keller which makes accessibility easy and relatively quick. Admission into the park is $12 per person per day which grants you access to every aspect of the park.

This past summer some friends and I drove up to the falls for a day and we had a blast!

Upon arrival you are greeted with the sight of friends and families soaking up the sun and swimming in the large natural pool. Honey Creek runs through Turner Falls and creates wonderful places to swim, camp, and observe.

The hiking opportunities at Turner Falls are almost endless. You can explore many hiking trails, three natural caves, and Oklahoma’s largest waterfall that measures out at 77 feet! While hiking you are able to see beautiful sights that you will remember forever.

Camping in the park can extend your trip and be a lot of fun. Camping sites cost $12.50 per vehicle or if you don’t want to sleep on the ground you can rent a cabin for $150 per night.

Swimming is another great way to spend your time at the park. There are large pools downstream of the waterfall that have slides and diving boards. If you don’t want to jump or slide you can walk upstream and find spots in the creek to swim in. This allows for a more private and adventurous swimming experience. Either way it’s a load of fun.

So if you’re looking for a cheap, quick, and fun vacation, check out Turner Falls and you won’t be disappointed.