Bored? Learn 2 Fly


Jared Canfield

That’s Rad Editor

We’ve all had those times where we’re on the computer, scrolling through page after page of the internet, bored out of our minds, and questioning what exactly we are doing with our lives. But, if the idea of trying to get a penguin to fly and destroy anything standing in his way sounds fun, then Learn 2 Fly might just be the game for you. Found on under the tab “Games”, Learn 2 Fly is the sequel to Learn to Fly. The story behind the game is that you are a penguin who is trying to learn how to fly by using a crash dummy to test various gliders, propellers, and even a brick to try and go as fast and far as you can. In the previous game, your dreams of flight are crushed by a giant iceberg and became hospitalized after crashing into it. Learning from your mistakes, and still recovering from them, you switch to using a crash dummy, and begin your quest for revenge against the iceberg. Upgrading your flight gear to go faster and farther after each run, you’ll have to destroy various targets such as “The Snowman” or “The Mountain” along your way to face your arch-nemesis. (There’s also secret gear and cutscenes you can unlock in the game, too!)