What can you do with your left over Halloween candy?

Kamal Sidhu, Co-Editor-In-Chief

If you went trick-or-treating and got too much candy, or candy you do not want, there are many creative ways to use it rather than just tossing it in the trash. Below, I have a list of five easy ways to creatively use your candy.
1)   Donate it

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Many churches take candy donations
  • Operation Gratitude sends care packages to troops overseas
  • Food pantries


2)   Freeze it

  • Chocolate freezes great and can be stored for up to a year

3)   Christmas

  •        Use it for an advent calendar
  •        Have a cookie decorating party and use the candy for decoration
  •       Use it to decorate gingerbread houses

4)   Eat it

  •       Get on Pinterest and find something cute to bake with candy
  •       Use it as ice cream toppings

5)   Share it with your friends!