Dear Unorganized Peer,

Kamal Sidhu, Managing Editor


While buying school supplies can be exciting, letting them age in your closet or under the bed isn’t going to benefit your grades. So pull out those folders, binders and dividers because I am here to make your high school life easier. All of those items you bought from Target might look flossy with the tags on, but it’s time to rip them off and start organizing!


The number one rule to keeping organized is to stick to doing the same thing. Organization is not a one-time thing, you must continue putting things in the correct place. 


You can use the things you have at home, but the basics are:

1 Notebook for every class

Dividers for every class

1 Binder with a clear front pocket (at least 2’’)

1 Pencil Holder (preferably one that fits in your binder)

Folders for every class plus one extra


Loose sheets of paper

Clear protector sheets


Optional supplies:

Small white board

Ziploc Bag



Let’s start with the notebooks. You either just write what class they are for on the notebook itself, or you can draw up a sign and tape it on there. Either way, the class’s name should be clearly written on the notebook. The dividers go into the binder, but first label each divider for the assigned class. The pencil holder should hold pencils, pens, erasers, lead, highlighters and any other necessary items (such as flash drive and Post Its). Every class should have it’s own folder. These folders will hold all the extra papers that you will not need anytime soon. Clear protector sheets are great for important papers. Most teachers print out important papers on colored construction paper. To top it all off, a backpack is needed to put all of these supplies in. Your backpack can be a $10 one from Wal-Mart or a $100 one from Vera Bradley. It doesn’t matter as long as it can hold all of your school supplies. 


The easiest way to keep track of your hectic schedule is to print a calendar off of Google and stick it in the clear front pocket of your binder. When a teacher tells you something is due, you can just pull it out, write on it and stick it back in with ease. If this is something that you do not want to do, then you can just buy a planner or print one out. Whatever works for you! 


When you are putting things in your binder, they should be in a specific order. The first thing you put in will end up being the last thing in your binder, so first put in loose sheets of paper, then folders, dividers, clear protector sheets and lastly your pencil bag.  


As soon as a teacher passes out papers, either put them in the correct place (dividers or folder) or put them in the first pocket in your binder so you can place them in the correct place when you have time. If you do not want to lose your papers, do not shove them in your backpack! 


At home, hang up a mini whiteboard on your door or wall and write down all the things you have to do that week on Sunday. This way, you will always be reminded of the things you have to do that week. 


The Ziploc bag on the supply list is a mini trash bag you can keep in your backpack so you can put all your trash in one place instead of losing it in your bag. This is optional so don’t feel like you need it. 


Lastly, decorate your binder to make it more personalized so you actually want to use it! 



Love Always, 

The Neat Geek