Project Pinterest

Jordan Sutter, Staff Writer

Pinterest is more than just a website, it is an addiction. Especially for girls.

One could spend hours perusing through the plethora of pins that clutter pager after page. There are endless craft ideas, clothing ideas, food ideas and more.

Although it is simple to stare at the computer and drool at the delicious looking cupcake on your screen, how easy are these recipes to make?  Do any of the projects or recipes on Pinterest actually look as pretty as they do on your computer screen?

I decided to test this out for myself. After looking through the many delectable dessert recipes, I decided to attempt to perfect the “tie-dye cupcake.”

I put my apron on, bust out my mom’s Kitchen Aid, and made the best darned tie-dye cupcake that you ever did see.

I am happy to report that my final product turned out nearly identical (with the exception of the icing) to the Pinterest photo. I am not a baker by any means and this proved to me that projects on Pinterest are not impossible to create and that anyone can use Pinterest as a resource to create the cutest cupcakes on planet earth. And the most delicious, too!