Colleges, Quotes, and Whale Tails

Chelsea O’Neal, Photo Editor

It is a tradition we have been waiting to be a part of since we were freshmen. Not only being assured a spot in the jungle we call our parking lot, but being able to customize it to make it our own. Painting parking spots is something we seniors have been anticipating for years.

The process is not as easy as you think, though. The time and money people put in to these 15 X 7 parking spots is unthinkable.

“It took us about two weeks and $300 to complete ours” senior softball player Brittney Lee said.

Brittney and three of her teammates decided to combine and do one big spot. Each of their individual spots reflects the girl’s college preferences and weird fetishes, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and… Llamas.

“The softball seniors wanted to do something really spectacular for our senior year,” Brittney said, “Once we got started, we just got more and more ideas and decided to go all out. We wanted our spots to be unified but really individual at the same time.”

Brittney like many other seniors took an enormous amount of time to make her senior spot look exactly like she had been day dreaming of for many years.

“We just worked really hard and did a lot of touch ups. We made sure it looked exactly how we wanted it to.”

So the next time you’re walking past the parking lot, check out the various personalities displayed in all the spots. You will see everything from college logos, quotes and even whale tails.

The seniors of 2013 definitely made their mark on Keller High School’s parking lot.